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Cyber Newsletter
The Los Angeles Silhouette Club
Volume 6,                                                       Issue 10
December 1998

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

LASC Club President ~ George Adams
LASC Newsletter Editor ~ Jim Harris
LASC Web Site by Rick Kelter & Ron Bridgewater
LASC Match Director ~ Norm Homiller

DECEMBER 12 & 13,1998

Always two day matches beginning on the second Saturday of the month
Long Range & Hunter Pistol ~ Smallbore & Smallbore Hunter Pistol
Cast Bullet Rifle & Smallbore Cowboy Rifle

Click this link for the complete 1999 LASC Match Schedule

Email LASC with any questions about our club or Handgun Silhouette

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The National Rifle Association

1999 National Pistol Silhouette Championships

Long Range & Smallbore

July 3rd through July 10th

Hosted by The Los Angeles Silhouette Club

Email the NRA for all entry information

Email LASC with any questions about the range

Schedules, Dates & Places of all NRA Championship Silhouette Events

JOIN THE NRA HERE ~ NRA Membership reqiured to compete in all National Chaampionships


Many, many thanks to Jerry "J.R." Ray for the fantastic job of re-roofing the firing line. This promises to be the driest winter in years at LASC, regardless of Mother Nature. Special thanks to the other helpers: Richard Rector, Ron Cottriel, George Adams, Marv and Brandy Tannahill, Jim McCrank, Rick Kelter and Steve Mosher.


Match turnout was smaller than expected again, making two months in a row of sub-standard turnout. It was a real shame with the weather perfect for two days. Many of the mainstays and Old Usual's were absent. I don't want to browbeat anyone into enjoying themselves (an impossibility). The club and the sport need your participation and enthusiasm to expand and bring in new members.

If you have any problems with the matches or any persons, or if you have constructive criticism to offer, we would love to hear from you. All the people volunteering to put these matches together want shooters to have fun and enjoy spending time at LASC. So if anything is keeping you from having a great time, don't be bashful, let us know.


George Adams provided a turkey dinner for the BBQ, which from all reports was fantastic. He says the December BBQ is going to be just as good and you don't want to miss it!


Complete dark by 4:30 ~ 6:30 pot luck dinner -~ 7:30 line for fire ~ Three banks of white targets ~ $15.00 flat rate for unlimited entries ~ Free overnight camping.

Split pot* cash prizes for 1) High score any Freestyle Open Sight gun and 2) High score any Standing gun.

No Target Setters ~ Spotters Set For Shooters

*Pot is split 50/50 between LASC and two shooter prizes, after deducting Angeles Ranges shooter fees.



There has again been a problem of a couple individuals taking too many sighter shots. Actually it was more like staying in the sighter bays and spending the day!

The rule is: 5 sighter shots before going to the line to fire for score. There is a period each morning before the match begins where a short practice takes place. Get to the range a little early and get your sight settings then!

Also, at the end of the match on Saturdays, the range is open for practice. No one is allowed to just park on the line with a box of ammo and take unlimited sighters during the match. This is not open public range time - it's a silhouette match!

I would like to compliment all shooters for taking to heart the rule about always having a score card on the line, and turning in the score card after firing. You all did very well at cooperating. It is only fair that the other shooters (your friends) know how you performed during the match. You'd tell them anyway when they ask! Besides, what kind of match would it be if everyone did this except the 40's .


LASC follows several rules regarding shoot-offs:

1) Shooters must use the same gun in the shoot-off that was used to fire the original score (this is the original and current IHMSA rule); 2) If shooters fail to obtain sufficient ammo for the original gun, they forfeit the shoot-off or fire until they run out of ammo. Shoot-offs are not modified mid-stream to accommodate shooters who run out of ammo during the shoot-off. For example, no one shot shoot-off, following previous strings of five, or a coin toss to determine winner (unless all parties run out of ammo with the score remaining tied).

Please don't embarrass other shooters or the Match Directors by requesting a change in these rules, especially while the shoot-off is underway. If you know you have a problem prior to the shoot-off, please consult with a Match Director.


Inland Silhouette Club has its season underway and could use more attendance. Held on the fourth weekend each month, two weeks after LASC, this is a two day match. Inland conducts matches exactly the same as LASC " combined NRA Big Bore and .22 along with Cast Bullet Rifle (no IHMSA at this time). Prices are attractive - same $10 for Big Bore, but $7 for .22 and only $5 for CBR. The range is located about 90 minutes from LASC. Directions: take 1-10 East past 1-15 interchange at Redlands, to Highway 30/330 interchange to Running Springs, go North for about 2-3 miles taking the Fifth Street exit East for ½ mi. to traffic light, turn right going 1/4 mi., turn left into Inland's shooting range parking lot.

Ojai Valley Gun Club offers silhouette shooting in Southern California's most attractive setting, nestled in the Rose Valley high in the mountains above Ojai. Located about 90 minutes from LASC, going the opposite direction from Inland. Ojai shoots two days, on the weekend following the LASC match. Directions: take 101 North to Ventura, take the Highway 33 interchange to Ojai, following the signs, continue on 33 turning left at traffic light just before the Ojai town center, continue along mountain road approximately 1/2 hour to the summit, taking the Rose Valley Road for about two mi. to the range.

Ojai specializes in CB Rifle shooting, particularly lever action guns. But it also offers handgun sanctioned NRA Long Range ($10) and .22 entries, or for only $7 per entry you can shoot as a club "guest" (scores don't go in your classification book).

If you are interested in 500 meter pistol silhouette, High Power Rifle Silhouette or Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette, here are the hot tips: On the first Saturday each month, Ojai Valley Gun Club host a 500 meter match where you can easily shoot two entries in one day, such as BPCR + 500m Pistol, or two HP rifles, etc. - a lot of possibilities! Entries are NRA sanctioned for the HP Rifle and BP events, and entries cost only $5 each (includes $1 for the target setter). Match starts promptly at 9:00 AM for chicken sighters.

The first Sunday each month (usually the day after Ojai) West End Gun Club offers HP Rifle Silhouette. Located North of San Bernardino off the 1-215 Freeway. Take the Sierra exit, turn left, go north on Sierra 'for about two miles to gravel road on right (marked as West End Gun Club), follow gravel road across stream bed up through hills for about 1 mile to club. Practice starts at 8:00 AM, match starts at 9:00. entry fees are $10 (considering raising to $12). West End gives cash back to class winners and match winner in lieu of trophies.


We had around 110 total entries, including reruns. That was for the Long Range, .22 and Cast Bullet Rifle combined.

High Cast Bullet this month went to Ron Woodford, shooting a terrific 38 in Revolver. Nice shooting, Ron!

The Black Powder shoot out in Cast Bullet Rifle Open Sights didn't happen this month, my fault forgetting Michael Jackson was going up to Avenal's inaugural BPCR match held that same weekend.

Michael almost won that match, shooting his highest ever score of 30 to tie for Match Winner. Michael turned a turkey during the match otherwise he would have won it flat out. Unfortunately he lost during the sudden death shoot-off.

This month, only Richard Mishler and I shot the "Jim Harris SOB Challenge." This kind of enthusiastic participation has caused the two of us to reconsider the event. In light of the overwhelming lack of interest in BP Open Sight ½ Size, the challenge is hereby defunct. Two tries, two disappointments. We'll just stick with the standard CBR Open Sights or possibly keep track of the Open Sights 1/2 Size, which is an unofficial category.

Jim McCrank really poured on the steam this match, firing in all the Hunter's Pistol events and both Long Range and .22 Conventional Standing for a total of six standing entries!

Alex Newton was also very active in the standing categories, firing in .22 Rifle, .22 Conventional Pistol, Conventional Standing and Unlimited Standing, and Smallbore Hunter's Pistol Scoped and Open Sights!

Thanks to Jim and Alex for their support!


High scores in Hunter's Pistol were both turned in by Don Ness, firing a 35 in Scoped and 28 in Open Sight. High scores in Smallbore HP were Alex Newton with a 34 and Jim McCrank with a 23 in Open Sights. .22

Returning to the sport after many years was James Lee. James brought a scoped Anschutz pistol and got classified in .22 Unlimited Standing with a nice 23.

For a change, Norm Homiller was not the Match Winner in the .22 match. Coincidentally, his ASP did not rear its competitive head, staying home in the gun safe. Instead, Todd Spotti shot a nice 38 in Unlimited to become uncontested winner.


George Adams managed to find his way to the firing line to actually shoot a few entries this match. George shot the high score in Revolver with a 39 (missed a ram!) and tied in Conventional with Richard Mishler and Jerry Bruce, all having perfect 40's.

Jerry Ray had the high score in Standing with a 26, taking the 3 gun aggregate two months in a row.

In Unlimited, Master class had Mishler and myself with 40's, and AAA had Scott Mann and (the long time MIA) Ted Carlson firing perfect 40's. Great to see you back on the line Ted!

½ Size had a tie for high score with Mishler and Todd Spotti, both shooting 39's. Mishler gets the nod, due to Todd's traditional early departure. Scott Mann turned in a really nice 36 in AA class (I guess he won't have to send the H-S Precision pistol back).

I took the high score in Unlimited Standing with a 35. Not too many shooters in this category this match.

Unlimited Any Sight had a tie between Mishler and Bob Brissette, both shooting 40's. Mishler again stayed to the end of the match, getting the nod when Bob was not available for shoot-off.

Rifle shooting had a fair turnout this month. In .22, Bob Bowman fired a 30 in Open Sight with his tricked out Anschutz, and Robert Mijares had a 32 in Scoped. No one shot the little tiny guys this match.

Cast Bullet Rifle found me triumphing over Mishler in the Open Sight Black Powder ½ Size Challenge, 22 to 17. I took the Scoped category as well with a 36.

Paul Campagna was the only shooter in ½ Size Scoped firing a nice 23.


Not too many shooters around for the shoot-offs. Staying were Richard Mishler with two 40's to shoot-off, George Adams and myself.

First up were Mishler and me for Unlimited. (Stupidly?) I shot without a spotter and paid the price, Mishler winning easily with 8x10 targets. Next up were George and Richard. After ten shots they were still tied, and George only had one round left. Luckily for George, both he and Richard were shooting BF pistols in 7US and Richard (always prepared) loaned George enough ammo to stay in the shoot-off. The point of impact was quite a bit different unfortunately, allowing Richard to win with another 8x10+5.

Richard declined to shoot-off against himself to break the two ties of 8x10. By forfeiting, he enabled the true Richard Mishler (?) to become the true Match Winner. Congratulations Richard. Richard thanks you!